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Sturgis: Life Behind The Rally

Last week we competed our Residency in South Dakota’s most infamous party town. As you may have guessed, people live in this town. Not just bikers and commercial advertisements. The scoop behind the rally is some thing like this: Pappy Hoel liked motorcycles and wanted an event to share his enthusiasm with his friends. so, in 1936 he and a few others started The Jack Pine Gypsies (an official AMA club) to hold short track races. As time went on, the small race event began to attract bikers from all over the region. It eventually grew into a weekend event, which Sturgis embraced. A small one year event that brought business from all over. As more time went by, the event began to attract bikers from all around the nation and world. Gangs, drugs, trafficking, alcohol and Rock bands eventually took over. According to our host family (Duwayne and Diana Hayes) Sturgis, a once thriving community full of local gems, was being sold off to Rally vendors. So this annual event has come to consume Sturgis as the vendors have bought buildings (which once held local business and infastructure) that are only used for two or three weeks a year. Thus, most of Sturgis’s business moved to Rapid City or Spearfish. Some of the residence of Sturgis dread the Rally (which is held in early August) and the 500 thousand visitors that pass through. For more info:¬†

This does leave some interesting summer work for the area: Technical Theatre (for the bands), Bikini Bike Washers, Tattoos, Graphic Arts, Iron Cross work, wholesome beer sales and Girls Gone Wild! The Rally has it all, even Religion!:

The kids of the Sturgis community are wildly imaginative! We had a full cast of 54 and they all had a blast. They were so willing to be silly and have fun. It made the week a real treat! One of my pirates decided she was Russian and instead of a hook for a hand, she had this weird two fingered antenna thing that squirmed and some kind of facial paralyses. I just about pooped my pants I was laughing so hard. She reminded me a lot of Boris from Rockie and Bullwinkle (Moose and Squirrel!)

Sturgis also marked Kevin’s first residency. Jacinta tagged along to give Kevin some pointers along the way. The first couple weeks are always the toughest. Right out of training you have to figure out how to teach the show most effectively in twenty hours. Kevin did well. He took what he needed and wanted from Jacinta and added some of his own work along with it. At one point Kevin, playing Larry the Dog, pees on my leg. A hilarious turn of events! It looks like we’ll have a pretty great team for the spring tour.

I’ll post about Rapid City just as soon as I can.

Until next time, With Love, All the Best,

Leigh Hooks

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